Edit: this post is from February 2020, circumstances changed shortly after this and I decided to not attempt PSM III as for now. Even so, I still believe that you’ll find here really comprehensive resources on Scrum and agility.

I’ve been most of my life in IT and software development. After passing PSM II now it’s the time for PSM III. Here’s how I’m preparing for this.

PS: if you are curious you can read here How I prepared for PSM I (and PSM II)

PSM III format

Basic information on the exam:

  • Fee: $500 USD
  • Passing score: 85%
  • Time limit: 120 minutes

After feeling agile in my heart for few years I decided to check if I really am. Being certificated by Scrum.org seemed to be the best choice for such assessment.

Here’s everything that helped me prepare.

Read a lot

Prior to exam I was reading almost everything recommended by Scrum.org and others who passed PSM. That consists of:

Probably I read more than 100 different articles on the topic. 😎

It’s good to be vigilant while reading unofficial sources, as many authors can have their own…

Paweł Tomkiel

Working in IT for 12+ years now, evangelist, blogger, husband and brother.

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